Sunken City

For a 20s something art student with the heart of odyssey, nothing was more important than the call to adventure, especially that which would take him to uncharted waters. Which was how I came to agree to a cross-continent apartment swap with a stranger I’ve never met, in a home I've never seen. He got my pre-hip Williamsburg apartment and I got to spend a year living next to boat home in Amsterdam, attending the Reivield Academy or Art.

One day, I came home to find the boat completely submerged in the water. As I watched a coffee cup drift along with the current, completely misplaced but strangely bewitching, my imagination busted through the flood gates. I had a vision of a post-apocalyptic civilization submerged deep underwater. It’s mysteries and wisdom preserved only for the bravest of hearts; a sunken city. I came home and immediately started creating “The Mother Ship.”     

These constantly-evolving works were inspired by both Amsterdam’s and New York's (aka. "New Amsterdam") cultural and architectural landscape entwined with the cities' complex relationship with the sea. The interplay of various mediums depict my visions of philosophy, an alternate future and a rebirth of ancient civilizations. The collection received critical acclaim and has been displayed across numerous exhibits, festivals, galleries and museums across United States and Europe.