Eternal City

Architecture seems to have always been the most obvious and constant muse for urban dwellers like myself. As the German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once unerringly proclaimed "Architecture is frozen music”! Though drastically different at a glance, music and art actually stems from the same foundation - an underlying code if you you will, revealed by math and geometry but directly impacting our sense and emotions. In fact, the ancient philosopher and mathematician, Pythagoras designed on proportional principles on a quest to reveal supreme beauty and “the music of the heavenly spheres”.

This collection was inspired by both my travels through the literary world and our very own. I combined different concepts and philosophies from various cultures, traditions and mythologies to create a mystical city; an ever-evolving, ever-expanding, all-inclusive metropolis that both celebrates and tests our ever changing ideals. The collection has been very popular and commercially successful and came to be one of my most well recognized and trademark concepts.