Elephants are a significant animal in many cultures, traditions and religious. In Hindu and Buddhist scriptures, the “gaja” (Sanskrit for elephant) represents fertility, richness, strength, wisdom and royalty. In terms of mythology, I am particularly inspired by the Hindu cosmology depiction in which half the world literally rests on four “world elephants”, which doesn’t only support the weight of the world but also represents the four cardinal directions from the Solar System in the Galaxy. A lot of this collection explores that weight of civilization on the elephants’ backs and how mankind treats our very foundation: nature.   

On a more tangible note, I’ve also always been drawn to the animal. In fact, elephants are a huge element of all my work. To me, they symbolize strength, wisdom and more I have yet to discover. As I try to create my own understanding of the complex entity through my work, they seem to tiptoe their way into my every collection and medium.

The Elephants are not only one of my most commercial successful collections but also one of my most personal ones. Many of my “gajas” have found loving homes all over the world from Miami, to Russia, New York, London, Chicago, Germany to Japan and more.