Hundred Year Later: Impressions

2017 marks the centennial of the Russian Revolution of 1917, one of the key events not only in the history of Russia, but of world history and, of course, the history of art. Numerous exhibitions in Russia and around the world this year are being devoted to attempts to better understanding this extraordinary event.

The Northern Cross, an American non-profit historical and cultural organization, has prepared a project of its own, an exhibition entitled One Hundred Years Later: Impressions. A century ago, Russian artists associated radical changes in society with radical changes and innovations in art. How now, a century later, do artists perceive this event and its consequences for history and creativity?
Artists who have lived in America for a long time, but who have kept in touch with Russian culture and feel a personal sense of attachment to its history, will present their often completely different perceptions of revolutionary events through their various artistic styles and concepts, in both figurative and abstract painting.
In the aftermath of the Revolution, there was a sense that the place of art in the world had changed, that, for the first time, the avant-garde would be “the official art of the new Russia.” And although it very quickly became clear that the revolutionary state did not share this view, in retrospect its legacy lay with the Russian/Soviet avant-garde artists, whose work had an immeasurable influence on twentieth and even twenty-first century art. 

Today, with a century of perspective, modern artists can look back upon both the events themselves and to the new reality they brought into being, both in life and in art.

The current exhibition is important as a demonstration of the significance of both the event whose anniversary of which we mark, and also the roles and places of artists, the bearers of Russian culture, in the American art world.

Artists in the exhibition include: Mikhail Alexandrov, Grigory Bayda-Benois, Taguhi Bersegian, Marina Bozina, Olga Chemokhud-Dotti, Valery Dyshlov,
Valery Ershov, Liudmila Gaivoronskaya, Veronika Gashurova, Viktor Goncharov, Grigory Gurevich, Alexander Khomsky, Vasily Kafanov, Yelena Lezhen, Grigory Kandelaki, Vladimir Kandelaki, Alexander Kantor, Anthony Kirov, Violetta Livshen, Sasha Meret, Artem Mirolevich, Slava Polishchuk, Vladimir Puchkov, Elena Sarni, Alexander Shabatinas, Konstantin Simun, Yelena Tylkina, Evgeny Tonevitsky, Yulia Yulina, Daria Kotlyarova , Igor Tishri and Mikhail Zviagin.

Special thanks to the Kolodzei Foundation and Natalia Kolodzei for providing works for the exhibition.

For more information, please contact Yuri Sandulov at (917) 301-7661 or

Curator: Elena Sarni, Artem Mirolevich 
Creative Director: Yelena Tylkina

A project by the Northern Cross, a nonprofit organization, the International Academy of Literary Documentalistics and Russian Pavilion.