Heat "Create the environment you want to live in"

On the occasion of 58th Venice Biennale, HEAT takes place from May 12th until November 24th at the archives of Misericordia(Cannareggio 3549) located in the creative hub around Venice’s Scuola Grande della Misericordia. 


 I will be working alongside five other internationally renowned artists to raise public awareness on the issue of global warming. In my recent works, I try to imagine what our world would be like if the environmental collapse were to happen. I offer a glimpse into a new reality, creating a microcosm of “The New World” in each piece and trying to figure out how those who survived the massive apocalyptic drowning would deal with the new conditions of living. Central to my work are the themes of loss, survival, restoration and reproduction of precious artifacts of the existing civilization. 


This exhibition is not simply an opportunity to show my work, but also a chance to voice my concern about the problem, the inadequate governmental action of many countries including the United States. We invite the public to reexamine the relationship between man and environment in order to build a sustainable future.

I'm very pleased to present a large scale sound and video installation created in collaboration with Dmitry Trekhsvyatsky.

The exhibition is curated by Sveva Manfredi Zavaglia, Maria Abramenko and Ekaterina Luki.




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