Transformation Matter Exhibition

Showcasing paintings, video installation, photography and live body painting.

The concept is to create a unique art experience using live and still mediums. The fusion of different mediums is designed to absorb the viewers and incorporate the viewer as part of the exhibition and performance. Artem Mirolevich painted a series of large oil canvases that vary in shape and size. Afterwards, the artists executed a live extension of the canvas by strategically placing a live model in the foreground and painting her body to continue and expand the canvas work. The model will thereby become an extension of the canvas, specifically by being painted using similar color scheme, shapes and textures as appear on the canvas. The entire process is also captured on video and is used during the exhibition as a video installation.   Additionally, as the body painting takes place, the unity and dynamic between the painting and the model is captured through photography and will form an additional element of the exhibition. The final products for this project incorporate paintings, photography and video installation, each of which detail the process to the viewer.