Sunken City


Tree of Life


Recycled Retro Futurism

Eternal City


Solomon's Angels

Mixed Media

Way of Abstract

Samurai Warrior

About the Artist

Artem Mirolevich is an award-winning New York contemporary artist, curator and founder of the Russian Pavilion and ArtCosmos. Specializing in unique and playful juxtaposition of colors and various mediums, Artem creates of a new world within each frame while drawing connections with different cultures and to his own heritage. His depictions of ancient civilizations, philosophy, present society, and what he envisions for the future has been described as “prophetic” and an “insightful exploration of the nature of man.” His talent has gained him a significant following of fans, supporters and clients. Among which are Robert Rothchild - philanthropist and art collector, John Walsh - host of popular TV show America’s Most Wanted, Boris Reyzelman, managing director of Global Head Equity Sales Trading, Chris Cahil - director of American Irish Society, Alex Rothman – president of Evergreen Communications, Boris Cherny – VP of Gravity Media, , Duane Lucia- owner of Gallery East and many others.

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